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PenguinsOnIce2CelebHunter Drone Crashes into non-celeb Above Antarctic Ice

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WitheredCorn2Descendant of Noted Climate-Change Denier Apologizes

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TappingTreesWiderShot2Real Maple Syrup: America is Sapped,  Tapped Out, Done

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Huge Forest Fires Grow; Phoenix Faces Immediate Evacuation, Then Incineration; Bangladesh Hit By Worst-Ever Monsoon


DHAKA, BANGLADESH AND PHOENIX, ARIZONA – “When I finally get out of here, I don’t know if I’ll have a home to go back to.”  So says Eric Emmerling, 45, an Arizona businessman trapped in Dhaka, where he had come to buy muslin for his clothing factory in Phoenix.  “We live in Scottsdale.  My wife says she has herself and the kids packed, ready to flee.”  Naju Rahman, a 24-year-old Bangladeshi studying for her Ph.D. in microbiology at Arizona State in Phoenix has similar fears for her family in Dhaka.  Says Ms. Rahman, “The monsoons of the last few years were so bad, it’s hard to imagine anything worse.  The one in 2060 put Dhaka – which used to be miles inland – right on the ocean.  But this monsoon has brought the ocean in on top of everyone.  So many people killed!  So many missing!  And there’s no place anyone can escapes to.  At least, before Phoenix goes up in flames, I can go south.”

Fleeing to the Indian border, Bangladeshis Are Shot

Of course, the disasters facing the two cities are, at the moment, of different scale.  The monstrous monsoon – called by most Bangladeshi the “nameless” monsoon in the hopes that not dignifying it with a name would diminish it – that hit the country last week has wreaked havoc.  It flooded most of the already water-soaked land around Dhaka and, most significantly, breached the city’s ocean seawall.  Deaths from drowning and collapsed buildings are said to be as high as 20,000 in Dhaka and environs.  And the storm has forced an estimated 160,000 Bangladeshi to trek, many on foot, 50 miles north and east, hoping to cross to the border into India, to find shelter in the burgeoning refugee camps around Agartala.

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Liberal Muslims Battle Jihadists for Control of Rome City Council

StarAndCrescentROME, ITALY – Denying his Mujtama (Unity) Party wants to impose sharia on the people of Rome, Khazin Nasri today called on the more liberal Quwwa…      Read more…

SuperGPS Chip Imbedded in Hand: “Want To Work Here? Accept It.”

BigBrotherWINNIPEG, CANADA – Is Big Brother watching?  “No,” says Hector Santiago, founder and CEO of EcoFriend, the burgeoning retailer…     Read more…

Ah, Spring, When Last Summer’s Heat Means Fewer Births

SpermTHE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE – “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth” says Genesis 1:28.  But at an accelerated pace that is diminishing. Almost…     Read more…